Sunday 30 September 2007

Sunday Morning

My children are asleep upstairs
My husband is reading the paper
My dog is lying in a pool of sunlight
The table is set for breakfast

We have all day to do whatever we want

It is that Sunday morning feeling
I wish I could bottle it.


dottycookie said...

Hmmmm, how about:

My children woke me up at 6.30 by jumping on my head.

My husband ate the last of the bread as a midnight snack.

The day is mapped out with child-oriented activities.

Somehow your version is more appealing!

Ali said...

Ditto what Dottycookie said, in spirit if not exactly. I'm more of a Monday, 9.30 am, school run is done kind of fantasy person.

BreadBox said...

Don't bottle it -- just drink it fresh... if you bottle it, someone else will just want to buy it, and you'll end up being a miserable titan of the business world...

Enjoy it fresh:-)


Mr Prettejohn said...

Hmmm..How about we wake up at 9 and then think about all the marking and preparation we have to do before Monday!

However we normally squeeze in a walk..


alice c said...

Listen up, good people! I have done the 6.30am shifts and I have stood on cold, wet touchlines for years. I am now in the breakfast at 11.30am phase. I am enjoying it while it lasts.

carrie said...

Me too.