Sunday 16 September 2007

For Youngest

Here is a Magic Feather.

You don't need it,
but, as Dumbo discovered,
sometimes it is nice to have something to hold.


Here is a Get Well card from us all

No Excuses!


Here is something to watch
if you have some spare time

It is just like surfing really


Here is a Get Well gift.

You will need it
for your surf board
next summer.


Anonymous said...

Thank very much for the feather i will hold for a long time.
thanks for the get well card ^^
and the human tetris was very funny
Thank you for the kangaroo poo surf wax i wonder what it smells like

thank you very much for thinking about me


dottycookie said...

Can I borrow the human tetris? I am off work sick this afternoon and it has cheered me up too.

carrie said...


What a good mama you are! Plus, anything that references Dumbo will get me crying . . . every time!