Thursday 13 September 2007


There are blackberries on the other side of this gate.

I was going to pick them today.

When I go back into this field
it will be almost winter
and the blackberries will be long gone.

It doesn't matter.
There will be blackberries next year

But there might not be cows.


Anonymous said...

delicious ripe RM blackberries now being frozen to order.

Anonymous said...

Horrible thought, isn't it? Can't believe it's happening where it is.

Jane said...

Here we go again,
thought are with your neighbours,

dottycookie said...

It's just awful. The people across the road breed Gloucester Old Spot pigs and managed to get one small order of pork and sausgaes out before the movement ban came in again. At least they have other jobs to sujpoort themselves as well ...

Anonymous said...

hey, Alice, enlighten this foreigner. What is this movement ban?

alice c said...

Angie, there has been an outbreak of Foot and Mouth in Egham, Surrey. This is so serious that every single farm in England, Scotland and Wales is affected because there are movement bans on all animals. It is a critical time of year for markets, breeding and movement from summer pastures. The ban will last for more than a month and will cause immense financial damage to farmers.

Animals on the affected farms are slaughtered immediately but it is highly contagious. The awful thing is that this outbreak was started at a Government laboratory which had a leaky waste pipe.

We are affected because all access to farmland is closed. But it is a small price to pay.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is horrible!