Tuesday 18 September 2007

Winning and Losing

The Lovely MissE did not win
but a great time was had by all
and, as MasterM said,
"It was the Finals
so they were all winners."


Anonymous said...

Who did win the urban talent comp?

alice c said...

No idea - sorry - but the prize was a trip to New York Fashion Week.

Anonymous said...

Just found out it was someone with red hair and bright blue dress on - very New York style!

dottycookie said...

But does her hair look lovely?

Commiserations (should there be 2 m's in there? blogger seems to think so)

Anonymous said...

it was me who won! how strange, i was looking for the photos from the show and this blog came up. hahaha. your daughters hair was lovely, though.
mine just scares me in the morning with its brightness.x