Monday 3 September 2007

Unexpected Kindness

I went to the Post Office today to collect a parcel
and was quite astonished
to discover that it was for me.

From America.

It was from Angie in Michigan
and we couldn't wait to open it.

We all loved the picture by Aden
and MissM said
'look how big my hands are next to Aden's!'

Thank you Aden for making us smile!

And then, beautifully wrapped,
two wonderful pictures embroidered by Angie.
They are just amazing and I was so touched.
How did you find the time???

I should explain that Angie who writes comments as FarmMom has a homestead in Michigan. She farms and cooks all day and looks after two adorable children.
Her blog Children in the Corn
shines with humour and honesty and enthusiasm.
I love visiting her
and hearing all about the challenges that she faces
and she is always very welcoming to her townie house guest.
At the moment she is waist deep in harvest so this lovely gesture is even more appreciated.

Thank you Angie, for this most unexpected kindness.

It is the best of Blogland - I wish all of you a blogfriend like Angie.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*blush* aww...thanks for all your kind words, Alice. I'm glad you got your package in one piece!! (I was a little worried sending glass across the ocean!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Eric was very relieved when I told him you had rec'd it. He said when he took it into our small town post office they looked baffled!! Apparently they don't get many overseas packages. He was more than a little worried they wouldn't know what to do with it!! :)