Wednesday 12 September 2007

Jolly Hockey Sticks

I hated hockey when I was at school.

I hated everything about it...

ugly studded boots,
muddy fields,
freezing rain against my legs,
soggy woollen socks,
teachers screaming incomprehensible instructions.

It is all so different now.

dry Astroturf,
comfortable trainers,
warm stylish tracksuits,
teachers who want to encourage participation.

MissM thinks it is good fun ...

an opportunity to have a laugh with her friends.

I wish I had known that.


Anonymous said...

I hated hockey too!

blackbird said...

We NEVER NEVER NEVER had such cute skirts and socks.
That alone would have swayed me.

Anonymous said...

We had horrid uniforms at school...But I actually did enjoy playing hockey. I was not then, and am not now a sporty person. But back then, something about the thwack of the stick was great to relieve some mild teenage angst--LOL! Yoga is all I need now ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

carrie said...

Sounds like our soccer season so far!

Adorable, adorable picture!

dottycookie said...

I *hated* hockey. Almost as much as I hated cross country. I'm glad MissM is having fun though!