Sunday 9 September 2007

MasterM saves the day

It is our wedding anniversary
and we are having a romantic night out.

It was an Elizabethan manor with moat
and is now the swishest of hotels.
(it was a special offer)

The bathmats are monogrammed
(and so are the towels, the sheets, the coasters, the carpets...)

Everything is designed to help us to forget everyday life.
(the note says you can buy these bottles for£4.50)

We sit on the terrace
to drink champagne cocktails by candlelight
(the one on the right is a Bellini made with peach puree)

And then relax over a delicious dinner.
(so much oak panelling that it looks as though we are eating in the dark)

At least - that was how I imagined it.

It had not been drawn to my attention
that it was the opening night of

The Rugby World Cup.

MrM is reluctant to leave the wide screen TV.
MrsM starts to stamp her little foot.
But MasterM has a backup plan...
he will send text scores throughout the evening...

So MrM spends the evening
looking surreptiously at his mobile.

I thought that I was very tolerant
but I did decline the offer
to watch the match highlights at midnight.


Anonymous said...

What bad luck having an anniversary during the World Cup. I didn't see my husband at all yesterday, he was glued to the TV. Have to say I decided that if you can't beat em, join em, but, I watched old episodes of House on DVD.
Hope you enjoyed the anniversary despite the difficult conditions.

alice c said...

We had a lovely time, thank you! I have long ago reconciled myself to the fact that there are 17 people in our marriage - myself, my husband and the England Rugby Team. Anyway, it is difficult to complain with a mouthful of champagne.

BreadBox said...

Congratulations on the anniversary, and commiserations on having it during the cup. Or should I say commiserations on having a honey who makes this a difficult situation?
Anyway, I hope that despite the sidelong glances at the mobile you had a wonderful time at the hotel: those bottles are quite beautiful, well worth 4.50! And a bellini is always good to take the edge of the day...

And remember, the honey now has to sweeten things for the queen bee in return. Sometime *very* soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor girl! My aunt is in the same situation, only my uncle and her son are into every sport imaginable. Stepping into their home is like stepping into a sports bar with all types of sports on the telly blaring all at once at all times. They're even on during holidays at their home. Ugh! I don't know how she doesn't go mad!! Although I have noticed she has developed a taste for wine over the years, maybe they're related?! :)

Anonymous said...

your views should of course not be coloured in any way by the knowledge that MrsM is hoping to blag a long weekend trip to Venice in January on the strength of a rugby match in the area ;-)

Still, if it proves to be too much trouble we could always make alternative plans such as Newport, Wales ....

London Irish probably take up more time than the England team - don't forget the seven subs on the bench as well. Plenty to keep MrsM's interest when the game starts to flag.

It's a hard life at times

dottycookie said...

Your post made me laugh, and MrM's comment just made me laugh again. It does sound like a beautiful place, and I hope you had a wonderful time anyway - congratulations!

carrie said...

Oh no! You had me going there, with the romantic hotel and the champagne and then . . . the reality!

I'm prepared now. Our anniversary is the 15th!

Glad yours was Happy, rugby and all! It's still a good love.