Friday 14 September 2007

England v South Africa

MrM and MasterM are off to Paris to watch The Big Match.

The Easy Part
  • Buy tickets 2 years in advance

  • Buy Eurostar tickets exactly 4 months in advance

  • Ask for permission from The Headmaster
    for MasterM to miss school

The Tricky Part

  • Ask MrsM to get the Euros
    (and hope she doesn't forget)

  • Find binoculars
    (thank goodness MrsM has weekend to put house back together)

  • Persuade MasterM not to wear South African shirt

The Hard Part

  • England wins.

  • Unlikely.

The Even Harder Part

  • MrM has to tell MasterM
    that he has a ticket for The Final.

  • But only one.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God there will be mutiny in the Magpie household!

blackbird said...


thomas said...

We hope they both return safe and sound - with the result they want!

alice c said...

Welcome Thomas - thanks for your good wishes - they will be in the stadium right now!