Saturday 29 September 2007

A Little Light Shopping

It is a busy time of year..birthdays, lots of birthdays and then Christmas. Now MasterM has been invited to a Very Smart Bar Mitzvah. You can imagine how grateful I was when the PFM catalogue fell onto the doormat. After I had rescued it from Poppy I realised that it was the answer to my prayers.

There are gifts for Countrymen
(look away now, GMS)

And for those
who spend long hours writing sermons

MrM can keep trim in the office
(although I hope he keeps his shirt on)

This is perfect for Godsons
who have moved on from Games Workshop

And what about this for friends on their Gap Year?
(I'm not sure what it means by 'unwelcome company')

MasterM has always aspired to a tattoo -
this seems like a safer option
but it might give the Headmaster a fright...

I can keep this in the cupboard
for unexpected invitations to Fancy Dress Parties
(and if anyone knows why it is labelled Risque
please email me)

And finally, these,
for all the men in my life.

Although I have wasted a little time this morning
wondering how on earth they measured
80% effectiveness...


Anonymous said...

Moved on from Games Workshop? That is where I'm off too in a few minutes when the brood have gathered all their cases.

blackbird said...

That Handytrim would also be useful for drying fine washables...

dottycookie said...

The coffee warmer has reminded me - I have a pot of tea going cold.

Have you seen Everyone on my list received flashing USB snowmen last year - light up flashing, nothing risque here though I though they should have wailed Christmas songs too.

carrie said...

Don't show those tattoo sleeves to my son, I'll never hear the end of it!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! :)That 80% effectiveness got me too!! :)You always make me smile! Thanks for the laughs!