Tuesday 25 September 2007

My Mother and the Rabbit

MissM reported the following conversation to me

Grandma "Shall we go and feed Lucy the Rabbit?"
MissM "Lucy??..Oh No!...Did Gus die?
Grandma "Gus??"
MissM "The lovely orange rabbit with the big floppy ears"
Grandma "Oh...You mean Lucy"
MissM "He used to be called Gus..."
Grandma "Well, your little cousin wanted him to be called Lucy..."
MissM "How can he be called Lucy if he's a him?"
Grandma "He can be a she... or whatever you want him to be..."

Now, I am all for a positive attitude to gender
and I always resist stereotyping

but I am at all not sure about this.

Is it empowering?

In order to protect his/her privacy
the picture is not Gus/Lucy


dottycookie said...

We nearly called our elder daughter Lucy. To think - I was that close to giving birth to a rabbit and never even realised.

Anonymous said...

Empowering? Well it's certainly funny.

Anonymous said...

Grandma says gender is not impoprtant when it relates to one rabbit but becomes a major global population issue when there is more than one.
The rabbit in question recently (last month) made a celebrity appearance at the local church fete as the principal actor in the Children's competition to
'Name the Rabbit'
Apparantly he is now called Henry Jo, presumably with a reassigned gender.
All three guinea pigs continue to treat him with the respect appropriate to such an August personage.

Anonymous said...

one again, gms has me rolling with laughter. Will you be blogging soon?! :) My parents have a male parakeet named Ethel (which happens to be my unfortunate aunt's middle name, and my father, being her older brother, loves to tease her about this name.) In my father's defense, he didn't know what Ethel's gender was when he bought him. So, when they bought a female companion for Ethel, they had to name her George, of course.

Anonymous said...

gives a whole new meaning to rabbiting on about things ;-)

Unknown said...

Adorable! Your mom sounds like fun. We have a cat named "little black kitty" because my son changed its name at least 6 times in a year and a half. We couldn't keep up. And I have to agree with your mom, you can be whatever you want to be.

alice c said...

Obviously trans-gender pets is another thing that we have in common Angie. The thought of a female parrot called George is very worrying...

I have a feeling that if the rabbit goes through any more enforced personality changes he may sue for psychological damage.

Anonymous said...

MESSAGE FOR FARM MOM. You have to know the old Marie Lloyd music hall songs to appreciate this plagiarism.

"Can't get away to blog to you today, my wife won't let me!"

Actually I've got so much on my plate at the moment I wouldn't have the time.

BreadBox said...

That is so caring! You deserve an award for it. In fact, I think that I'll nominate you for one.


Anonymous said...

Alice- yes, one more thing in common...parents with gender confused pets!! :)

gms-well at least we get to enjoy your humor here at Alice's blog! :)