Saturday 22 September 2007

Carters Famous Steam Fair

Let's go to the Fair! Let's go to the Fair!

What shall we do first?

Make sure that you pick the Galloper
with the prettiest name.

When you were little you loved this car...

But that was before you discovered the Dodgems!

Will this be the year that we win our fortune?

Or hit the bell!

Who wants a go on the Shooting Gallery
before we go home?

Breathe deeply and smell the steam

And the hot candy floss

It will be another winter and another summer
before Carters is back in town.


carrie said...

Even your fairs are prettier than ours over here! Not fair (no pun intended).

I love the shot of the kids swinging in the air!

dottycookie said...

We went to Carters when it was at Woking a few years back - I remember it was belting down but we had a lovely time. I had completely forgotten about it until reading this post - thank you for reminding me!

blackbird said...

I can!
I can smell the candy floss!

Angela said...

Wonderful photos. My son's bedding is done in a retro fair theme (I made it myself) and your photos inspire me to create more things for his room.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful, just the sort of fair I might be able to cope with, I'm really not up to things like Waltzers. We used to take the boys to Bressingham Steam Museum for train and carousel rides when they were little I think we'll have to have a "nostalgia visit" soon.

alice c said...

Welcome to ChezMagpie Wisconsin Mom! Thank you for visiting. I love the idea of a fairground bedroom - I hope that there is a picture of a carousel somewhere.

We have been to Carters every year since the children were babies and I am now satisfied that it is completely embedded as a childhood memory. Unfortunately, I had no children to take this year so when I reached the Candy Floss stall I was in tears! We are off to Carters as a family plus MissE next weekend.