Wednesday 26 September 2007

The Secret Language of Ties

MrM has an extensive collection of ties.

He chooses simple lines and colours

But I prefer complex paisley patterns.

Stripes tell stories of previous lives
and sometimes, so do pictures.

This is a club tie
but if I told you which club

I would have to kill you immediately.


dottycookie said...

My dearly beloved has lots of ties too. He never wears them, and every time we go somewhere requiring one he declares he hasn't anything suitable and must go shopping for a new one. I suspect he would love the one with pints of beer on it.

In fact, I think he has more ties than I have shoes. Maybe I should do something about that ...

blackbird said...

hmmm, Aladin, bongos...what COULD it mean?

Anonymous said...

clubbable (sp ?) - is this a gerundive as in 'meet to be clubbed' ??

Depends what time one gets back in the evening of course. The lovely MrsM performed sterling service by picking up MrM after he fell asleep on the train (woke up on second stop so not too bad really) after a very convivial champagne reception last night on the top floor of the Gherkin. Cannot remember which tie I was wearing - the rest was not too clear either come to think of it.

On parade first thing so no harm done. Not expecting to read about ties though.

Message for BB - they are definitely not bongos and it is not Aladdin. Keep guessing ...

Anonymous said...

Just packing for a Rhine Cruise. How many ties should I take? As I never ever wear ties i think I'll limit myself to five. The question is which one out of the forty sven i have accumulated in my lifetime. You can never throw them away they might come back into fashion.Mustn't forget the black one for the Captain's party!