Wednesday 16 April 2008

The Fish Market

If you are a Pirate and you are short of Pieces of Eight

You sell fish in the Fish Market at Catania.

And, because being a pirate is much more interesting than selling fish,

You liven up the experience by shouting ferociously,

Chopping up fish with razor sharp cleavers,

Scowling at passers by, swilling out tubs of bloody water

and adjusting your hat to look as piratical as possible.

Then you go back to your Pirate Ship moored in the Aeolian Sea.


MasterM and I walked around together
and I said "Look at this, and this, and this"
MasterM said "I know is a photographer's paradise"
Later, we compare photographs
and it is fascinating to see the difference.
We agree that the fish photos are boring;
they are wonderful but too easy, too photogenic.
It is the pictures of people that win prizes
and MasterM's are better than mine - no question.
He waits patiently for the right moment
when I just snap and move on.
I wish I could show you an example
but you will just have to believe me.


blackbird said...

I love taking pictures of people - when they don't know I'm doing it.

I AM a pirate - I'll bet you didn't know that.

Fairlie - said...

Lovely pics. And such fearsome looking pirates!

Anonymous said...

If your son has inherited your eye then I do believe you.

I loved the photos, but couldn't stop myself form being glad that I couldn't smell it!

Ali said...

I'm always too shy to take a picture of a stranger.

Perhaps that's why I am drawn to your photogenic fish.

tess said...

can you not persaude Master M to share his pics with us? although I do like your fishy ones.

I'd quite to be pirate and make people I was cross with walk the plank.

dottycookie said...

Well, I like the fish. I would have steered clear of the chap with the huge cleaver though ...

Eleanor said...

Oh! What fun! I am especially intrigued by the first photo - so many men. I would probably have unconsciously started to flirt with them. I'm bad that way.

Unknown said...

Great pics. My uncle owned the fish market at WESTSIDE MARKET in Cleveland and I used to work on holidays. We wrapped everything in newspaper. Every boy cousin in the family had a tour of duty there brother worked there thru highschool.

Mary said...

Thank you thank you for taking me on this break with you.

Your photos took me right along with you - as do your words.

Photos of people ARE tricky. They are not my strength. Every now and then I will get lucky - but not consistently.

carrie said...

Wow, those are beautiful.

What a beautiful place to spend some time!