Thursday 3 April 2008

News from the Front

Here at Fort Magpie
the Spring Offensive is about to begin.

I have to report that the Enemy
has made deep incursions into our territory
in the past month.

However, the Logistics Team has organised new supplies

and the Engineers have prepared the machinery.

It is time to Go Over The Top.

Now all we have to do is motivate the troops.

this post is for Black Bird who is the laundry queen of Tuvalu


dragonfly said...

A well-timed post - I am currently ploughing through 6 loads of washing (all bedlinen and towels) in preparation of the arrival of American guests next week.
As I type, 3 down, 3 to go...
My iron seems to be frowning...or is that me?

dottycookie said...

I shall start the same battle this afternoon when we arive home from my parents'. Just remember, an army marches on its stomach, which always seemed a bizarre way to approach the enemy.

Anonymous said...

there is no doubt that MrsM washes whiter than white.

MasterM was spotted with an iron the other day which is a good start.

tess said...

the problem with the laundry battle is that I think I have won the war, and I turn my back and the laundry basket has recruited more battalions are they are taking over the bathroom.......

maybe I need nice pegs, like Ali....

Anonymous said...

... and then you can come and do mine.

blackbird said...

Your machine has a setting for 60 stains!
Things are so damn advanced over there.

You will be SHOCKED to know that I have been ignoring the laundry this week. Probably something odd will happen in the universe.

blackbird said... I want some Ariel.

Sian said...

Will we ever win I wonder? And thank you for the link, though there was no need at all to apologise :) My stats have gone crazy today and that was a giggle for me.

Ginnie said...

Wow, color coordinated ironing board cover and laundry detergent. Most impressive. But where is the souped-up ironing board that left MrM speechless in Dublin?

P.S. I still have the iron I got when I went off to university. Not too many miles on it, I'm afraid.