Tuesday 1 April 2008

Paws for Thought

Six Ways to Live your Life More Like a Zen Dog

"Before enlightenment chew bones and drink water.
After enlightenment, chew bones and drink water.”
- Wi Lu -

1. Less is More
I have cut my wardrobe down to the bare minimum
- a fur coat, collar and lead.
It gives me more time
for meditation in the morning.

2. Simplify, Simplify
I have removed rich food from my diet.
I get all my nutritional requirements
from my pellets,
slices of roast chicken,

3. Do one thing at a time
Single task - don't multi task.
When I sleep, I just sleep.

4. Do each task slowly and deliberately
If a postman throws letters at you...
destroy them carefully and completely.

5. Designate times for certain things
I eat.

6. Devote time to sitting
Practice the art of sitting
- it will free your mind -

Be at peace and travel lightly.
Leave a gentle footprint on the surface of the Earth.

with thanks to my Zen Guru


blackbird said...

- you forgot "tear through the rubbish with singular focus."

Mary said...

I will read this to our new puppy when we get him. Your dog will be a good guru for ours!

dragonfly said...

I will pass on these words of wisdom to my two. Poppy looks very serene sitting there in her silky fur coat.

tess said...

does it work for cats? although they are already good at the serene sleeping, they could do with some meal time training....

Ali said...

Sounds like a very good living. Off to find myself a bone to gnaw (and Maltesers.

dottycookie said...

I think might like to be a dog if those are the rules ...

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

Oh you are so funny, with your lovely, clever & witty brain...I just wish you didn't make me snort out loud so much...it is most unbecoming!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dog but chocolate can be really poisonous for them, even in quite small quantities. Dark chocolate can be particularly dangerous so please be careful!

alice c said...

Hi Victoria,
Welcome to Chez Magpie. Poppy regrets to say that Maltesers are fantasy food. She is a feisty, active 13 year old dog who has spent the past 12 years dreaming of the Maltesers that she ate when she was a puppy.

Thank you for the well meaning advice.

Ginnie said...

Quincy agrees with Poppy on most things except shredding the mail. He's too busy barking at the retreating mailman.

carrie said...

I love Poppy.

I bet she doesn't knock people over . . .

Unknown said...

I'll have to meditate with Max and find his essence, problem is he will maul me with kisses and whine for me to get up. Age might have something to do with it. You have a very sweet looking dog...kind and gentle.