Friday 18 April 2008

Tree Paeony

I have three Tree Paeonies:
shell pink, white and this one
which was supposed to be dark red
but is fuschia pink streaked with carmine.

It has not flowered before
and when the branch broke under the weight of snow
I was stricken with disappointment.

I put the branch into water
and when we returned from holiday
it was in full extravagant bloom.

I put down my suitacase and grabbing my camera,
photographed the flower immediately in the soft evening light.

The petals are as thin as silk gauze
and have an irridescent sheen.
They are the most exotic of the flowers in my garden

and I love them with a passion.


blackbird said...

- just beautiful...thank you.

RW said...

Indeed, they are quite lovely.

Like a ballerina's tutu.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you photographed them with the blue and white china.

tess said...


ginny said...

at least you have still been able to enjoy your beautiful flower. stunning photographs!
ginny x

Anonymous said...

the petals look like water colour.

Ali Honey said...

It looks good enough to eat on that lovely blue and white plate.

So delicate so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. I used to have a peony in my front garden in Massachusetts, and I miss it terribly. You were so smart to put the branch in water and give it a chance to bloom.

BreadBox said...

How lucky you are! And how lovely the photos:-)


dottycookie said...

The flowers are indeed stunningly lovely, but what I noticed was the leaves - what a gorgeous shape!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that plate again!

Ginnie said...

So gorgeous!