Sunday 11 November 2007

Remembrance Sunday

PNJC was the same generation as MasterM's great-grandfather.

MasterM's great-grandfather fought in two World Wars
and had three children,
five grandchildren
and now thirteen great grandchildren.

His cousin PNJC died on 9th October 1917
at Passchendaele.
He was 19.

"so full of promise, quiet and trustworthy...
we will long miss the friend, ever loyal, cheerful and plucky"

You can see his name on the great memorial at Tyne Cot.

I look at MasterM who is nearly the same age as PNJC
and I feel numb when I consider
the sacrifice and the grief
of so many families
in two World Wars
and conflicts since then:
Korea, Northern Ireland
Falklands, Kuwait
and now Afghanistan and Iraq.

A boy of 19 has everything to live for
as MasterM, so full of life, will tell you.


blackbird said...

I could say so much...
but, instead, I will tell you that I love to buy a poppy from the old man in front of the government office.

dottycookie said...

Beautifully put, Alice. We have been explaining Remembrance Sunday to our girls today as they have been noticing poppies and were out and about when the 2 minutes silence happened.

Unknown said...

I saw a ceremony today. It is a very sad remembrance.

Unknown said...

Thank goodness those who perished gave up their lives - MasterM and my three would not be free to act and speak as they so freely can if it were not for all of them. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude that should never be forgotten

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your remembrance ALice. As you know, I lost someone dear to me in Iraq. He was so full of life, hopes and dreams as well.