Monday 12 November 2007

A shower of stars

The generosity of the people of Blogland astonishes me.

Dottycookie, whose comments are so warm and funny,
sent a parcel for MissM...

and out tumbled silvery beads,
lavender chocolate (that is mine!)

sleep balm,

and these beautiful stitch markers
which might end up as earrings.

It seems a shame to put them on knitting needles.

And, because we are both huge Dottycookie fans,
the most exciting of all

Thank you! Thank you!

What a lovely treat for a Saturday morning.


Mary said...

So many posts over the weekend - all lovely. I am off to check out your friend of the paper stars!

tess said...

what a lovely treat!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Dottycookie a sweetheart?! What a great parcel of treats! That lavender chocolate is making me swoon...yum! Happy week to all of you ((HUGS))

dottycookie said...

You are more than welcome Miss and Mrs M! I shall not be offended if you use the markers as earrings, but I wonder how you will knit your socks without them ...

And why are your photos so much better than mine? Not fair!

carrie said...

I think I'll send the boys over there for a lesson in paper star folding a little later today!


blackbird said...

You lucky girls!

Anonymous said...

Those paper stars look wonderful, well it all looks wonderful actually, you are lucky girls.

MoominMama said...

Oh my - Badger Balm is one of my favourite bedtime treats. I hope you are enjoying it.