Friday 16 November 2007

Stuck in a rut? Moi?

1. New scarf 2007

I think that I have identified a problem

2. Summer scarf 2006

I think that I need to broaden my horizons

3. Winter scarf 2006

Can you recommend any new blogs?

4. Proposed scarf 2008

Here are 3 that I have enjoyed recently




do you mind if I knit?


The Glass Doorknob


Anonymous said...

do you visit 'two lime leaves'? I'm sure you would like Kirsty's beautiful work and insightful good humour.

she has a fabulous links page too.

blackbird said...

Gee, I don't know - hit my link list.

Anonymous said...

All those colors are so delicious!

Mary said...

I love the colours too.

Because all the northern hemisphere bloggers are talking about knitting/crochet it has kept me going with mine - although burning hot summer is in the offing!

alice c said...

Tracey - thank you so much for that recommendation - it feels like a great gift - I knew as soon as I has read the first sentence that I would enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would go with that Tracey, Kirsty is an excellent wordsmith which is what I think blogging should really be about.

Anonymous said...

Being in a rut...... interesting you think you're in a rut because it's all scarves? I look at those lovely photographs, and I just see you experimenting, experimenting with texture.
They're gorgeous.
Thankyou for putting in a link to my blog! Very flattering. And I have read the glass dorrknob before, but it looks particularly good at the moment.
Keep up with the experimentation!

tess said...

I'm not sure if I can recommend anyone
makes me laugh, her profile is so funny. and
takes lovely photos.
I love those scarves! maybe sometimes we stick to what suits us. although it's fun to see what other people would choose for us, I could imagine you in burnt orange.

Anonymous said...

MrsM off work today with a reported 'sore frote'. Scarf not finished in time it appears. TLC to be administered later on.

Anonymous said...

Love all that beatutiful fiber! Expanding ones blog horizons now and then is good thing...great ones you've listed! My blog roll has lots of lovely new place you could visit. Happy weekend to all of you ((HUGS))

dottycookie said...

I think the wool you have used is beautiful and the colours merely show that you know what you like!

I hope you feel better very soon ...

Anonymous said...

I tend to gravitiate toward the same colours each winter unfortunately my husband thinks they are ghastly. He probably wouldn't think much of these blog recommendations either but you might just like some (one) of them:
You don't seem to have Posy on your blog roll, Jane is actually the one who got me blogging in the first place
What about Corey's Tongue in Cheek, an American lady living in the South of France -
Another American, Maryam, this time living in Marrakesh -
Britt-Arnhild blogs from Norway, she has 3 blogs start with
Two artists, one English Gretel known as PG -
and the other American (Mexican), Vanessa -
Next Becca over at
and lastly a fairy new one
There that's it for now, hope you find something you like, indeed I hope I've got the addresses right. Hope your felling better soon.

Anonymous said...

PS - frightfully sorry about the spelling.