Friday 2 November 2007


Sometimes you turn around

and see familiar places

in a new light

and for that brief moment

it feels so good to be alive.


Mary said...

I love all of these but love especially the promise that those unlit Christmas lights hold.

Knat - what a great word!

tess said...

you're so right

ginny said...

We had the most fantastic sunset last night. Oscar was playing footie for the school team, sadly thrashed 5-0, but the bonus was the sky. When he was about 3 he was in one of my friends cars at sunset and he turned to her and said "Becky, look at that beautiful strawberry sky". She couldn't believe that a little 3 year old could say something so wonderful! I can, he says things like that all the time - so does Ned - kids are great!
Al x

blackbird said...


BreadBox said...

Lovely photography as always! Is that second shot looking down a hill?
Taken from in front of a well known statue of a stern old lady?

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly...*SIGH* Last night at twilight I stood and stared, just watching the ribbons of blue, pink and lavender changing in the sky...It's a wonderful world! Oh, and speaking of color--love your scraf knitting you shared the other day. Happy weekend to you & yours! ((HUGS))

Unknown said...

Awsome. Thanks for sharing.

dottycookie said...

Really lovely photos - the evenings have been quite beautiful recently.

But please, tell me they're not planning to turn the decorations on soon ... not yet! not yet! We're not ready!