Saturday 3 November 2007

What makes a great party?

(1) Good food and wine

Now I know that I like smoked chicken

(2) The money raised for charity

(3) Music and dancing

Shall I tell the children that their father danced with Doris?

(4) The friends that you go with.

I think that it is (4).
Maybe (3) and (4)
Definitely (4)

I wish that I knew the name of the lovely lady
whose scarf I accidentally set on fire.


tess said...

food, wine, charity fund raising, dancing, friends and fire! wow what a party!

blackbird said...

What kind of dancing were you doing that involved fire, I wonder...

BreadBox said...

What a teaser... now are you going to tell us more? or just leave us in suspense?

dottycookie said...

Scarves on fire? Must have been a good party!

Mary said...

always number four.

er ..whoops..