Monday 10 December 2007


Camellias look so fragile.

Layers of tulle petals and bright gold stamens.

But they come from the snow valleys of the Himalayas

And so it should not be surprising
that they flower in December.

It is always a special joy to find the first bud opened.

There will be camellias on the table on Christmas morning.


Mary said...

Alice Alice Alice

The most exquisite photos to close my day with.

Although feeling a tad envious about those plates!

Tracy said...

What a beautiful post...those flowers are gorgeous. I love camelias. I wore a white one in my hair to a school dance once--just the flower and pearl earrings, no other accessories needed. I like the thought of flowers on your Christmas table. I'll have roses on mine! Happy days dreaming of flowers...((HUGS))

tess said...

they are just fabulous!
you take the most amazing photos.

blackbird said...

What a nice start to my day...

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

They are gorgeous. Your photography is always amazing. x

carrie said...

We had a beautiful camellia bush (tree?) outside our house that I grew up in! It bloomed that very bright pink and when it did, it was gorgeous!

Thanks, for this.