Wednesday 26 December 2007

Christmas Pudding Charms

Coin of Fortune, Wishbone, Bachelor's Button,
Bell of Betrothal, Lucky Horseshoe, Thimble of Blessedness.

MrM found the Coin of Fortune in his pudding
which bodes well for 2008.
MasterM found the Bachelor's Button which worried him
but as he also got it last year it must be a reverse psychology thing
i.e. get this and your days of bachelorhood are over.
I was not quite so happy that MissM found the Bell of Betrothal
I am hoping that there was a mistake
and she was supposed to get the Thimble of Blessedness
because 16 is too young to get married.

I found the Wishbone
but just at that moment I couldn't think of anything to wish for
because I had everything,
everything that I wanted.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the horseshoe? Not eaten, I hope.

carrie said...

I know what you mean. How wonderful, to have everything you want.

Lina said...

He he, the betrothal bit made me chuckle!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who dished the pudding out? That person should be consulted re:bachelot button / bell of bethrothal mix up.

blackbird said...

You lucky thing!

I would surely break a tooth on whatever charm fate bestowed upon me.

Mary said...

Are they treasured family charms or were you lucky enough to be able to get them in England in recent times?

Unknown said...

Alice, what a fun tradition! The closest that I know of here is the King Cake that the New Orleanians have - you might find a baby Jesus in your cake. It's an Epiphany tradition. Not sure what you get if you're the winner other than the responsibility for baking next year's cake (and remembering where you stashed the baby Jesus).

Ali said...

Thanks for the run-down Alice. Now can you just tell me why my Mother's set of pudding charms contains a silver donkey and why I always seem to get it?

dottycookie said...

If we did that here someone would end up with the Charm of Choking.

Sounds like you had a lovely day though! We have a whole pudding left over - but not for today, methinks.