Sunday 23 December 2007

C'mon You Irish!!

I sometimes wonder
if we did something wrong in a past life.

It must have been bad
if the punishment was to support London Irish in this life.

London Irish specialise in turning victory into defeat
as their fans look on in disbelief.

Today the fog is so bad
that we cannot see the other side of the pitch
but this does not stop MrM complaining:


"Forward Pass"

"That throw is not STRAIGHT"

"What is the touch judge THINKING??"

The fog gets worse.
We cannot see the middle of the pitch.

And then, incredibly, we win.
How did that happen?
Apparently, Sailosi Tagicakibau scored a try.

MrM turns to his friend.
"Never in Doubt"
they agree.

I think it is time for a pint of Guinness.


blackbird said...

Do something wrong in a past life?
I cannot imagine.
You love the underdog -

carrie said...

Either that or a hot toddy! Brrrrr . . . it looks so cold!

Merry Christmas!

tess said...

hope the guinness was good!

Anonymous said...

Time for a hot water bottle and a hot chocolate!