Sunday 30 December 2007

School Shoes for MissM

This post is for DottyCookie
because she is shopping for school shoes today
and she needs to know
that it doesn't get any easier.


The School Rules are very straightforward:

"plain black polished leather
low-heeled shoes of sensible shape and weight"

Clearly, they are not describing these little party numbers

What about these?
They are a sensible shape.
Admittedly, they are orange.

These are black (and white)
but they are suede.
So that it no good.

These are a sober colour
and would be ideal for summer uniform.
They are even lace-up.

I think we might have found the answer.
Black shoes with buckles.
Please note the ankle support - a special medical feature.

Oh no!
MissM says that patent leather is not allowed.
Back to square one.


Ali said...

Gone are the days of 'Clarks Clompers' I see...

blackbird said...

They each have a particular hideousness about them...

dottycookie said...

Sadly we didn't get there - Mr Dottycookie was sick in the night and the thought of dragging two smalls around the sales by myself, with the potential to start heaving at any moment, was more than I could bear. So we'll try again tomorrow if everyone is well, and bake biscuits today instead.

Alice said...

Where do you shoe shop?
Those are interesting!!

tess said...

the black ones are scary!

Tracy said...

Oh, let's break the rule, be wild...I'll take those flashy, shiny pink ones! Although, blackbird has a point...They all are slightly scary and yet tempting at the same time--LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

You guys may think they are scary, but I am IN LOVE with those bondage shoes! I really like the orange ones, too. Yee ha!

Anonymous said...

I love the orange shoes and the last ones could be disguised by the wearing of sensible black socks.

carrie said...

The shoe shopping with Katie is already quite a challenge!

At least I know what to look forward too!

Anonymous said...

LOL. This is a great post.

Happy school shoes shopping, and Happy New Year.