Tuesday 8 January 2008

Comfort Food (II)

We are sitting outside a well known Scottish Restaurant
eating our meat, cheese and potato order.

Oh dear, if only your blog friends could see you...
Not so wholesome now, MrsM!
Well, they are not going to know
Gotta keep it real, MrsM


blackbird said...

ah yes...I know it well...the stage wherein the blogging is the vehicle for derision and ridicule.
It will pass.

dottycookie said...

Not "wholesome" - what on earth were you doing to the poor spuds?!

dottycookie said...

OK, now I feel like a complete muppet - Scottish Restaurant indeed! I used to sneak there after the gym for a fake ice cream - oh, for shame. I don't do that anymore. The gym, that is. All that ice cream wasn't good for my waistline.

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

He he...but I think Master M has underestimated how crashingly dull it would be to have one's blogfriends as the embodiment of perfection and wholesomeness the WHOLE time...and that in fact it only feeds our delight in the Magpie Files to know that there is room for some culinary wickedness in there....but I'd like to second Blackbird's comments...for my own dear husband likes to poke fun at me too!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Busted!! Go Alice, for keeping it real! :) Eric likes to tease me too, especially about the awards. I get called a schmoozer....often!

Unknown said...

Funny. It is good of your family to notice anyway, even if it is teasing. They are probably just jealous.

Ginnie said...

I didn't get the reference until I got to the third comment, by dottycookie. Ohhh! I've never heard it called that - gives it some dignity, doesn't it? I spent a good many years traveling the world in support of that Scottish restaurant, as the technical rep for one of their food suppliers. Thanks for 'fessing up, MrsM!

Mary said...

The shame of it for me is that as young as two our kids could recognise the golden arches. Even though it is only reserved for pitstops on long drives.

Keeping it real indeed!