Wednesday 9 January 2008

Shirt Tales

I love the complexity of shirts,
the infinite variety of stripes
and the ice-cream colours.

MasterM's wardrobe
is much more interesting
these days.

The Che Guevara T shirt
has been consigned to history.


carrie said...

Wyatt fell in love with button-down oxford shirts over winter break!

Guess that means I'll have to salvage my iron from the back of the shelf in the laundry room!

blackbird said...

Oh how I WISH.

tess said...

oooh candy striped shirts!

Unknown said...

Good job your son doesn't live in my house - I'd be cutting those shirts up for patchwork before he could turn round! (only kidding but they are tempting)

BreadBox said...

The lovely Miss E wouldn't have anything to do with all this, now, would she?

Anonymous said...

Are YOU ready for him to retire his protest t-shirts for more conservative attire?