Tuesday 22 January 2008

A Watery World

In a world with no cars you travel by water
in a Vaporetto (water bus) or water taxi.

There are police boats, fire boats and Ambulanza.

There are boats for builders, heating engineers
postmen and even TNT delivery boats.

If you are a tourist
you recline expensively on the gilded seats of a Gondola

but if you are a Venetian
you cross the canal in a Traghetto, standing.

Rubbish is collected from the canalside by boat

and farm vegetables are sold from a boat deck

It all makes for busy waterways
and an early morning traffic jam.


blackbird said...

I understand, really I do, but I need you to stop.
Can't we talk about shoes?

carrie said...

It still feaks me out a little that the whole city is built on water.

But then, I am no engineer! :)


Melody said...

Ooo..I have just popped over from Ashleigh's blog and noticed that you have recently been to Venice! I am heading over to the UK and mainland Europe in April/May for a 3 week holiday with partner and daughter. We plan on 3 nights in Venice - looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.