Tuesday 1 January 2008

Sense and Sensibility

The BBC has just launched a major production of
Sense and Sensibility

We know how fortunate we are
to have such integrity in the dramatic values,
such high standards in film direction
and such a faithful interpretation of the text.

But the conversation in ChezMagpie goes like this:

Where have I seen Willoughby?
The History Boys..
Very good, very good
And Sir John was Mr. Weasley in Harry Potter.
Of course!!
Mrs Dashwood was in Wuthering Heights
What about Colonel Brandon?
Well, I am not sure.
I thought he looked like the guy
from Life on Mars (Philip Glenister)
but it wasn't him.
It might have been his brother, Robert.

MrsM is very impressed by this conversation
which she is genetically unable to take part in.


blackbird said...

And THIS is the problem -
they use the same ten actors for all these programs and by the time I pick up the accents and am able to decipher the actors it's been hours.

Mary said...

No such problem here.

Can't wait to see it on our ABC in due course!

Anonymous said...

Genetically? No! No! Phenotypically, having been brought up without adequate television viewing training.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Good for you GMS. Although, I have to admit to a to a severe amount of jealousy. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan. Love BBC's Pride and Prejudice.

dottycookie said...

Psssst - tell them David Morrissey was in Blackpool, and if you REALLY want to impress them (or not) tell them he made his TVF debut in a very strange drama called One Summer 20 odd years ago.

I wish he was in more drama. He's very good, I think.

Unfortunately I did want to slap Marianne, on more than one occasion. But perhaps that's the point, ho hum.

dottycookie said...

Of course, that should have been TV. What is TVF?! Gah.

Marmadaisy said...

THE HISTORY BOYS!!! Thank you thank you family Magpie. That has been driving me mad for two weeks.