Wednesday 23 January 2008

Souvenirs of Venice

I longed to bring you all a souvenir from the shops of Venice
but there was so much choice and so little time.
Here is a selection -
Please pick whichever takes your fancy.

Murano Glass

Silk and Velvet

(I think this is the one for Florence)

Fine Linen

(these are for Becca)


(I am sorry but the frame on the side is MINE)

Artisan Chocolates

(these are for Dragonfly who has had good news...
but I am sure she will share them.)



(more cookie cutters than you could dream of, Ali)

And...for the priest in your life:

The 2008 Vestment collection.

The last photograph was taken in nearby Treviso.
This shop was absolutely fascinating
and I was so tempted to go inside and discuss crosiers.
Unfortunately, the sales assistant was occupied
with an important customer in a black soutane
who saw me looking through the window
and gave me a smile with an irresistible twinkle.


Unknown said...

You lucky lucky girl - Venice is one of my all time favourite places - thank you so much for sharing and rekindling lots of happy memories :o)

Fairlie - said...

Can I second the comment above? Venice is just magical. Great pics, too!

Ali said...

You choose the most perfect souvenirs Alice!

I've only been to Venice once - I was 17 and we were Inter Railing. We stayed in a hostel which had been a convent and I bought the most enormous watermelon from a Venitian fruit-gondola. Funny what sticks in your mind isn't it?

blackbird said...

Linen for me please. But not the purple.

tess said...

looks like you had the most fabulous time, loving all your souvenirs!!

dragonfly said...

Thank you for the chocolates! They look delicious, I can almost taste them.
Venice looks wonderful, I've never been, so your photos are wonderful - they really seem to have captured what I imagined it would be like.

Tracy x said...

if only i knew a priest........

love the pictures - as always x

t x

The List Writer said...

What wonderful souvenirs you brought back! I've never been to Venice but want to go now.

I am sure we have several Boring but Imporant Things that could do with a bit of postponing.

BreadBox said...

I was reading today
in a book of latin
about a guide to Venice
to make you enjoy the place
not feel like you've seen
everything you ought to.

I don't think that you needed the guide!