Friday 4 January 2008

Living with the Camera

When photos MUST be taken

MrM gets bored

MissM gets stylish

Poppy gets chewing

and MrsM gets busy.


Fairlie - said...

Happy New Year, Alice C!

Great pics. You make bored, stylish, chewing and busy look just so photogenic.

tess said...

how could Miss M fail to look stylish with those wellies!

Anonymous said...

A stunning tree photo, well worth the sometimes boring, but always stylish trip to take it!

Mary said...

I think you are off to a flying start.

The wellies are magnificent.

Anonymous said...

With the attention span of a fruit fly what do you expect ??

I should have asked if this photo was taken before or after the devil spat on them by the way

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

Comments about spitting devils are going straight over my head (is it a euphemism for rain?)...but I think your tree picture looks great! I can so relate to the bored family thing as Mummy spends yet another hour with a camera glued to her eye...but it feels like such a waste not to capture all the loveliness permenantly carry on Alice!

blackbird said...


Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying your new camera. Cannot wait to see what kind of mischief you can get into with it!! :)

Unknown said...

At least none of them were cranky, Alice. And what's that, Mr. M, about devil spit?