Thursday 3 January 2008

My Camera

Canon DIGITAL ixus 55
5.0 MP resolution

My camera has become my constant companion;
it enables me to see things
that I did not see before
but it wasn't always like that.

I used to have a Minolta 35mm camera
and I gradually stopped using it
because of the cost and inconvenience of using film
and the frustration of a drawerful of photos.

Then I discovered
that I could take pictures with my mobile phone
and I started to experiment and have fun.

This camera was a present in 2006
but for a long time I used it like a 35mm camera.
I did not know how to download
until the week that I started writing this blog.
Let's just say that I have more than one memory card.

And then it all came together.
I had the camera,
I needed to use it
because I wanted to write the blog
and so I was forced to learn.

The photographs that you see
are my experiments.

I have discovered that it is possible
to become lazy with digital cameras
because you can discard mistakes
and this means that you snap without thinking.
It also makes you less critical
because many of the shots that you take are decent.
Which is different from interesting.

As I traipsed sadly
around Blogland yesterday
looking for inspiration on resolutions
there was only one post that really made sense.

Photojojo - 19 New Year's Photo Resolutions

It is a complete list of ideas
on how to improve your photography
and as I read it I wanted to do it.
I take that to be a good sign.

It feels good to be enthusiastic again.


Anonymous said...

camera chiara not obscura

dragonfly said...

What a find, Alice, well done. I have put a short-cut onto my desktop for ready reference! There are several things listed there that I had already thought of, so hopefully they will inspire me to actually do them.
Your photos are always amazing, so I'll look forward to bigger and better things?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that I went through my children's baby years without a digital camera. I wish that they had been invented just fifteen years earlier!

My son loves to experiemnt with mine to make animations - one small move each photo. THe results are quite amazing.

Ali said...

I read that article too. It made me do the 365 photo challenge (a photo a day for a whole year) because I want to kick myself out of the photo comfort zone too.

Get a Flickr account Alice - it's fun and free! And I find some of the groups make me take pictures that I wouldn't try otherwise.

blackbird said...

And now, on to Photoshop.

dottycookie said...

Do you really get all those lovely photos with an Ixus? Argh. Now I feel completely inadequate! Better go and read the link ...

Unknown said...

Some of what you said reminds me of ANNIE DILLARD's Pilgrim at Tinker's Creek. The concept that out of a million ideas or things or objects, one will take hold, there is one that will keep... all you need is the one and that one thing is rich and fruitful. So you take a 100 pictures and you'll find one that you want to keep or that you can use in that moment or whatever. Enjoy life...good that you found something that gives you purpose.

Anonymous said...

Must take a look at this link I am v. lazy when it comes to photographs.
Happy New Year to all at Chez Magpie.
Carolyn x
Willow House

Anonymous said...

I went to the "point, click and hope for the best" school of photography so any tips are very welcome.

Mary said...

Right then Alice - I am going to do project 365 or in my case project 361 - I post photos as you know and you have reinspired me too.

See you on Flikr ...

BreadBox said...

Okay -- am I the only one wondering what the heck this lovely photograph this lovely photograph is? And is it with a mirror or a second camera?


Unknown said...

And I was just thinking this morning that I need to go back to the camera shop and sign up for the free lessons that were supposed to come with the camera I bought the day before Thanksgiving (somehow taking a class during the holidays didn't have much appeal). You've inspired me, as usual, Alice! The link looks great, too. Thanks.

RW said...

What an awesome link. Thanks so much. I have been enjoying your blog and photos and anticipate a lovely 2008 to see what you have in store.

Angel Jem said...

That is one way cool photo... I love that you have a decoration shiny enough to get a reflection on (my daughter aged 5 has the magpie instinct and anything sparkly & shiny is by default hers) and that it captures the whole post Christmas back in the box feeling that I get. Nice to find you (via Domesticali) & I'll be back.