Friday 11 January 2008


I adore lilies.

I cannot imagine my house without them.

The first time I met
the Lovely MissE
she gave me the most beautiful bunch
of white lilies with the faintest pink streak.

Because she loves lilies too.


Mary said...

When I got married in London I ordered casablanca lillies for my wedding bouquet.

I love them too.

Fairlie - said...

I love lilies too. But those stamens (is that what they're called?)...they give me the horrors. I've never seen anything with quite the staining power they have.

The smell of lilies always makes me think of babies, as they are so often in the flowers in maternity wards.

tess said...

so Alice, you have completely gorgeous children, and now you tell us that that they have perfect friends with impecable taste!

Ali said...

Oh, me too, But it's the smell of them that I love the best.

Apart from when I was pregnant, when they made me want to heave.

dottycookie said...

I had tiger lilies in my wedding bouquet, and sugar ones on the cake.

Some people say they are funereal. I think those people are insane.