Sunday 13 January 2008

First Daffodils

An unintended purchase.

Marked down,
Stems dark with Cornish mud.

Trapped sunshine


tess said...

a hint of spring - lovely.

dragonfly said...

Snap! I bought my first bunch of British daffs yesterday and they are brightening up my kitchen windowsill this very moment. I love it when you go to bed and they are tightly wrapped buds and when you come down the following morning they have burst open in an explosion of yellow.

Ali said...

When I was pregnant with Johnny, Mark kept asking all through the winter when the baby would arrive. I told him he would be here when the daffodils arrived - they were in bud outside the house when I went into labour and open by the time we returned home. They never fail to make me smile and think of Johnny.

Why do all your fower posts always have some kind of birth association for me? Very odd.

carrie said...

My mom had daffodils the other day too -- tiny little ones! She's really heralding spring early this year!

Unknown said...

"Trapped sunshine. Released."

So perfect, Alice! You always delight me.

Fairlie - said...

Lovely photo - the drops of moisture on the daffs are just perfect.

Unknown said...

I suppose in some places February is daffodils, but we don't see them till May. Tulips actually bloom first here (Southern Minnesota - USA) ..although where I grew up they bloomed first (northern Ohio - USA. We're still doing citrus from other places.

Mary said...

One of my favourite memories of living in London was going on the bus into the city past Hyde Park and seeing the daffs blooming.

Bit early for Spring yet but those daffodils opening up will certainly give you a lift.

dottycookie said...

Great minds think alike - I picked up some of these lovelies at the village shop and they are cheering up the living room - very bleak after the decorations came down.

Our early daffs will be out in the garden before we know it. I deliberately plant the earliest blooming ones (I very nearly wrote "bloomers" but thought better of it. Oh, whoops)