Sunday 29 July 2007

The Battle with the Ironing Basket

It is not good news from the front.
The enemy has made advances in all areas
and severe shortages have resulted.

There has been a small but successful counterattack
on the left (sock) flank.

This is enough black socks for a regiment
and they are ready for action.

Whoever thought of coloured toes
should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

MasterM has 15 pairs
with labels sewn in by my own fair hands

Now for an unsavoury visit
to the odd sock mountain.

MrM said "If they were washed more often
we wouldn't need so many"

Now that's war talk.


dottycookie said...

Frankly I'm surprised Mr M survived a comment like that. In this house it usually results in "Well, do them yourself next time then!" Not that that ever works either ...

Anonymous said...

Goodness...what a thing for Mr. M to say...Dottycookie has that right answer for him! LOL! But where is Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle when we need her?!

Anonymous said...

Do you wish to pool/add an exta generations worth of odd socks to the mountain?

Anonymous said...

When my husband does the laundry, bless his heart, his solution to the odd sock leftover at the end: match them as closely as possible, then bundle them into pairs and Put. Them. Back. Into. Circulation. Like. That. What is an anal person like me to do but surrender myself to sock-inspired homicide?

And then I would have to do the laundry all by myself forever.

Never mind.

Anonymous said...

a slightly more racy sub-title could of course be

"MrM has socks appeal to MrsM !"

or would that be lowering the tone of this blog ?

alice c said...

DottyC and Tracy -
Now I have to admit that while it might SEEM like a good idea to get MrM matching socks that might mean that I had to do horrible things like negotiate mobile phone contracts etc etc.

GMS - our odd sock mountain is a private grief and I suggest that it stays that way.

kmkat - I can't do that. I just can't. I just can't.

Anonymous said...

I really hate to--no, wait--what the usually quite charming and caring (I'm sure he is) MR.M was suggesting was that you wash them more often.

Please tell Mr. M, with all due respect of course, that in Wisconsin USA there's a law that states that each and every person in a family unit must have 32 socks in pairs to his and her names. The 32 is for "just in case."

When they're all dirty, then each and every family member marches in turn to the washing machine, loads it with their socks, turns it on, and waits till it's done, then into the dryer, and then Voila! there they are, all ready for their owners to match them up and fold them neatly and return them also neatly to their bureau drawers.

Yep. That's the law in Wisconsin, USA.
(Wooly Mammoths also wander to and fro in Wisconsin USA too...)


alice c said...

Hello Anon. I have a sneaking suspicion who you are lurking beneath the veil of anonymity?

Anonymous said...

you may say that but of course I could not possibly comment.

I was not aware that they wear socks in Wisconsin. Is this a recent invention ?

blackbird said...

I love the colored toe ones!

carrie said...

We have a sock mountain too, but I usually end up using them to dust if they sit unmatched for too long!