Wednesday 18 July 2007

Blog Stuff

The lovely bb
has commanded me to complete the '8 random things' meme.
Now bb is a top banana in Blogland
Who am I to say no?

style 1 : for everyday

1. I have an unhealthy addiction to table mats...
it is starting to affect my family life

2. I hate tarragon

style 2 : for use with best china

3. I am in a vicious war of attrition with my ironing basket

4. MrM claims that I have a problem with right and left

style 3 : alternate everyday
embroidered by Mrs Archibald Christie

5. It offends me to eat off ugly china

6. There is nothing you can teach me about making meringues.

style 4 : outdoors - for use in summer

7. I can sing the National Anthem of Swaziland

8. I do not need to speak French, Spanish or Italian
because my husband and children can do it for me
which is just as well because I'm hopeless

style 5 : for impressing visiting academics

In addition I have to nominate 5 people who bring happiness to the Internet.

now although bb is a top banana and has three children at home
she still finds the blogs in the byways of Blogland
and nurtures them until they can get rid of their trainer wheels
so , you know, you do what she says

This is not easy because there are so many friendly blogistas out there.
But I would like to mention the following
because they make me smile when I read their blogs

a friend writing with warmth and sincerity about her family
busy, busy Jane in her flower garden
nose picking in France but back soon to write more about his daughter
cross about cafes and other things
moving to Scotland for an eco friendly life....soon!

They have all taken the trouble to read this blog
so they are obviously visiting small, new blogs and not just megablogs
and leave kind comments
and when you are just starting out that is

really, really appreciated
thank you

but I am a bit too shy to ask anyone else to do this
so now I am condemned
to the last level of
bloggers hell.

Back tomorrow.


blackbird said...

I am impressed.
It was challenging to ask a woman of few words and many photos to do a meme, but you have risen to the occasion beautifully.

And now we know more about you, and what to bring you as a hostess gift when we spend the weekend.

Anonymous said...

blackbird is right. I'm tempted to do the meme and re-tag you just to hear more about you!! :)

Anonymous said...

the cat sat on the table mat - but which one ??

probably the outdoors version

as opposed to the dog stat on the blog ;-)

ginny said...

just found you.. have read back and love this blog...can i add you to my list of favourites?

carrie said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

I happen to loooove your table mats! And yes, eating on offending china is the worst! I can't wait until my children stop breaking dishes occassionally so that I can use my "good stuff"!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

And about ugly china, I couldn't agree more.

I adore china, antique china, but I really feel it should be used, and not just displayed. What fun is that?

I collect and use French Limoges porcelain from post civil war (very modern looking) and the Gilded Age (oh what extravagance!), around 1882-1910.

Family was afraid to use it, until I broke a plate and smiled~~didn't even blink. Now they use it without fear, and with more than a little appreciation, I'm told, of its history.

My Limoges would love your gorgeous placemats!