Tuesday 10 July 2007

Les Fetes des Tuileries

Learning French can be challenging.

Some situations will be easy to deal with -

such as buying a nutritious fruit drink

or a high energy snack

but...will you need the subjunctive at the top of the climbing wall?

and what is the French for Ghost Train?

and do you use tu or vous when you meet a gorilla?


Anonymous said...

What great photos! I'm glad you had/are having a good time. Are you still there?

blackbird said...

Now I want cotton candy.
Damn it.

alice c said...

Hi Angie,
We came back late on Sunday night and are now recovering from a very hectic weekend. ChezMagpie is drowning under a mountain of laundry - sound familiar?
We went shopping in the Louvre...
Hope to catch up with you soon

Anonymous said...

I think when you meet a French gorilla, you don't worry about "tu" or "vu" -- you just say "Sir."

Same as with an English or American gorilla, I think.

I think the late Jane Goodall wrote a book, What To Say and Do When One Meets a Gorilla in the Mist.

It's a very short book.
It contains one word:


Good advice on any continent, I think.

Anonymous said...

Post Script to the last post:

I meant "vous."
Not "vu."

Use it or lose it, ain't that the truth.
Clearly I haven't exercised my inner French girl for some time.

Anonymous said...

definitely a case of deju vu I would say !

One of my father's favourite jokes is

Q. What do you call a gorilla with a tommy gun ?

A. Sir (presumably a French gorilla would be Monsieur or Monsignor ??)

alice c said...

Hi Anon 08.25 - welcome!
MrM is my language consultant and he has tried to explain the subjunctive to me - but had more success with the off-side rule.
Hoping not to meet gorillas with tommy guns but will store the tip away just in case.