Thursday 12 July 2007

Outwitted by Hedgehogs

This blog is dedicated to Blogless Paula
who is so generous and funny with her comments.

Hedgehogs are small, omnivorous mammals that are very common in gardens.

They are nocturnal and if disturbed on their rambles roll up into a tight, prickly ball.

There is a longstanding study of hedgehogs
at the University where I work
and one day we received a note through the door
"Do hedgehogs visit your garden regularly?"

As it happens - they do.
There seems to be a hedgehog motorway through our garden.
Even better - we have an early warning system because
Poppy barks hysterically every time they rustle past the door.

So the nice young scientist
came and explained what he wanted us to do.
Then he uttered the fatal words
"But I don't work on Fridays and Saturdays"

And so for the next three months
the hedgehogs rustled by on
Fridays and Saturdays
and took a detour for the rest of the week.

Mrs Tiggywinkle - my role model

It was all very embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

Oh Alice! you are a dear!
B and I are laughing all over again. Really hard.
I don't think we have them here--I think I'd know it if we did.
If I were a scientific type I'd set up a hiding place and at dusk I'd be there and await for one to rustle by.
Thing is, I'm not the scientific sort, and I'm not adventurous, so I think I'll just sit here and study your photos of the English HH, and hope never to meet one.
They do look a wee bit frightening, with all those prickles on them.
With my natural grace, if I ever wandered into HH territory, I'd step on one that's all balled up--which would be a very sticky affair.

No, I don't believe we have HH's here, but I cannot thank you enough for this post.


ps: B says they look like a cross between a porcupine and an opossum, which would make your HH a porcupossum over here.

Thanks again, Alice.
I (we) so loved this!

Anonymous said...

Embarrassing...heavens no! I think if I could be an animal, hedgehog would be high on the list! Dear Mrs. Tigg-Winkle--she is a real role model, I agree. Look at all these sweet hedgehogs...Love your blog! I look forward to coming back to read more. Thanks so much for stopping at mine today. Happy weekend to your! :o)

BreadBox said...

Unfortunately, having grown up in Britain umpty-treven years ago, my main memory of hedgehogs in the culture is Pam Ayres' second most famous poem (about hedgehogs: the most famous is "I wish I'd looked after my teeth").

(On an unrelated note, I just discovered that she is about to star in a radio comedy series with a friend of my family! small world!)