Friday 20 July 2007

Shopping with MasterM



"Here is what is going to happen. We are going to buy a suit for you to wear at your uncle's wedding in two weeks time. We are going to the farthest corner of M&S to the Menswear Department. A person, possibly a woman, will measure you and use technical terms such as chest, waist and inside leg. You must not be afraid. Then you will take the suit that I select and go into a small room with a curtain. This is a changing room. I will not be able to come with you but you are 17 and you can cope. It is possible that the first suit will not fit. So you will have to try on another. Then we will buy the suit. Then I will give you a packet of Percy Pigs and you can lie on the sofa and recover while watching Sky Sports."





"I might even go shopping with you again."





because the ladies at the till smiled at you

    because the little boys in Customer Services watched you out of the corners of their eyes

    because you looked fantastic in your suit

    because I don't often get the chance to spend time with you now


"because you make me laugh"


Anonymous said...

LOL! OH, I had something like this happen with DH over a year ago when we needed to get him a suit for our newphew's christening (we were asked to be godparents)...He tried on several, found the "one" suit...and I said how delicious he looked! Store full of people, shop assistants smirking and looking aways, DH turning red, but happy all the same. He did looke very, very good! ;o)

Anonymous said...

How heartbreakingly funny-sweet.
I so recall my own at 17, in a gown that looked as though it was made just for her and/or she was destined to wear it--I could see in her the woman she was about to become.

I had to turn away, take a deep breath, before I could look at her again.

I felt a loss at that moment.
A feeling only mothers feel.
It's fleeting, but it cuts deep.

Oh these kids!
They really do a number on their moms, don't they?!

It's a wonder we survive all these heart-tugging moments they create for us, isn't it?


BreadBox said...

What a lovely story --- how nice to have a memory like that to keep, and how nice of you to share it with us!


Anonymous said...

Awww. And here I am complaining about clingy, needy children. Thanks for helping remind me that they're going to outgrow it....and I will miss it when that happens.

alice c said...

Thank you for your lovely comments - he was so pleased with himself - I think that he was imagining the effect on the lovely MissE.
The best thing was it was in a sale - yippee!

blackbird said...

How did you happen to buy a suit for my Middle?
That's him to a tee.

dottycookie said...

This is such a gorgeous post. My two are still very little and I can't imagine what they'll be like at 17 - so grown up! - but I hope I'll be as eloquent about them when they are :-)