Tuesday 24 July 2007

Souvenirs from Amsterdam

MissM returned from Amsterdam on Friday
shiny eyed with stories of life in a new city.

no clogs but lots of windwill photos

She brought souvenirs which she has kindly agreed to share.

delicious pastries from Simon Meyssen, Broodbakker

She was lucky enough
to be invited to stay with a friend who lives there.

3D glasses for watching Harry Potter

They explored the canals, the flower market
and the wonderful museums...

new perspectives

and ransacked the flea market.

matching bangles - it's a chick thing

The thing that she found strange
was the complete absence of other teenagers.

She was told that they are turned into sausages when they are 13.


Poffertjes - bought to humour MrM

Many thanks to the family that she stayed with
who could not have been more generous with their hospitality.


Anonymous said...

How fortunate is MissM!

The Netherlands is a place I've longed to visit, for as long as I can recall.

Along with a home, Ten Chimneys, that was the vacation "cottage" hha! owned by the actors Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt.

"Ten Chimneys" (from photos and friends) is absolutely glorious, with yes 10 chimneys and bedrooms designated for Helen Hayes, Katharyn Hepburn, Noel Coward and so many other of those who cast their bright lights upon the stages throughout the world.

While I'm still wishing Amesterdam and the Netherlands, I think "10 Chimneys" is my most likely off road destination since it's only 25 miles from my home.

You all are so darned lucky to live in the midst of lots of countries with lots of lifestyles and traditions and languages...

I'm glad MissM is using this summer to get to know these not so far-a-way places!


Cornish Dreamer said...

Some great photographs. It seems as though MissM had a nice trip. And what better than to stay with friends who, no doubt, knew the area.

Anonymous said...

It looks like MissM had a great time. Good for her!! :)Very nice of her to bring back goodies to share. (That's a "good for you" moment, mom. You must've done something right! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing views from your trip! I'll take the sweets--yum! Lovely bracelets. We've not made it to the Netherlands yet...hope to see it someday! :o)

blackbird said...

I want a matching chick bangle!

alice c said...

I have never been to Holland either and now I really want to go! I have been promised a trip next spring - providing it doesn't clash with a rugby fixture. Those pastries are worth the trip alone..

Alice said...

she didn't mention smoking weed or the Red Light district?
you have truly a good daughter...