Saturday 21 July 2007

What Is It??

Surprise gift from grateful student

You think...
Why is it so GREEN?
Is it sweet or savoury?
How many additives made it so GREEN
Is the white paper edible rice paper or inedible lining paper?
Is it Courgette Cake?

You say...
How lovely,
How kind
How thoughtful of you to bring it all the way from Japan

You think...
Please don't walk backwards
and bow as you walk out of the door
because I may cry.

P.S. it was Honey Cake

I think.


Anonymous said...

Did you eat it?

That's a Very Strange Color.

I suppose, if I'd given that student a fabulous grade, and I knew for certain that this student just liked me an awful lot, I might try a small bite.

But probably not.

What does make it so green tinged?


blackbird said...

Japanese confections stupify me.

blackbird said...

it probably has green tea in it...

Anonymous said...

Food gifts are lovely.I think this looks very good! Is it Japanese? Japanese sweets are a bit of a mystery sometimes, and some are a bit hit or miss on the flavor scale. I do like the peach blossom with the sticy bean paste in them. Food--what an adventure! Happy weekend to you & yours! :o)

Anonymous said...

green honey!
Is there something my bees don't know about?

alice c said...

Tracy - I am also charmed by food presents but I am so pathetic that I prefer to know roughly what I am putting in my mouth.

GMS - Perhaps the Japanese bees have discovered a way to light up their hives at night!