Sunday 6 January 2008

An afternoon in Lille

On a cold, wet January day Lille is a grey city.

The buildings and pavements merge seamlessly with the sky.
Only the light from shop windows alleviates the gloom.

MrM is determined to visit the Palais des Beaux Arts
and so we march along cobbled streets,
stopping only to puzzle over the map at street corners.

The lure of the shops must be resisted,

Even those with accessories for dogs,

But, occasionally, MissM and the Lovely MissE
make a break for freedom.

After we have obediently admired
the great art treasures of Lille
our reward is a visit to Rue Esquermoise.

We step into the magical world of Meert,
a tiny salon of antique gold and mirrors,
and eat jewel-like patisserie.

And then it is time to go home.


Mary said...

Jealousy is a curse.

And so I am cursed.

Anonymous said...

OH MAN.... I love your life right now!!

Ginnie said...

Whew! Last time I checked in with you we were discussing the meaning of Devil's spit. I looked away for a few moments and oh! you're in France! My head is spinning. (And it all looks wonderful.)

dragonfly said...

I NEED the address of THAT wool shop!

tess said...

looks like a pretty good grey day if you ask me!

blackbird said...

I would have broken free, screaming for'd have to gather a small crowd to rein me in.

BreadBox said...

I am *so* jealous. Me, I could go to Atlanta on a day trip. Not quite the same thing.


Ali said...

Oh I so need to jump on Eurostar sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe that you ever can continue in one stay. What a cosmopolitan life you lead!

dottycookie said...

EEEEEP! We made Galette des Rois today - but it didn't have such a splendid crown as the real French ones. What a lovely trip. I need to sort out our passports and get those children on the train pronto.

Alice said...

ooh ooh!
they can wear skinny jeans and look great in them, something I have never accomplished.
so lovely.