Thursday 17 January 2008

The Sewing Box

This is a sewing box

With satin lining

And tiny key;

Ugly buttons

and safety pins.

And when I open it I wonder:

Why did she need green and yellow thread?


This sewing box was given to me when an elderly relative died.

It is too beautiful to use
And so it sits on display
With the original contents.

Beauty can be a disadvantage.


Mary said...

Alice - just like a magpie you have gathered many treasures for your nest.

I just love it when you share them with us.

Anonymous said...

Silly Alice, there is no such thing as an ugly button. They are all treasures!

Marmadaisy said...

I love it.

Tracy said...

Gorgeous box! The acidy yellow and green will every be a mystery...((HUGS))

blackbird said...

How happy am I that you don't live in a John Pawson house.

Shall I include a link? I think I shall...

Anonymous said...

personally I prefer the Wellington chest to be found under the sewing box but that's why I'm MrM not MrsM

tess said...

love the smiley faces on the packet of safety pins!

Anonymous said...

Ygly buttons??????? I find them.....cute as buttons :-)

Unknown said...

Oh, I love that! I have an old sewing box (not quite so glam) that was my grandmother's. I use it as my jewelry box. And yes, MrM, that chest under the box looks mighty fine, too. You just keep being MrM, and treat MrsM very, very nicely. Have a lovely weekend in Venice.

dottycookie said...

Oh you lucky thing!

I have my mother-in-law's sewing cabinet. It is flawed but lovely, and full of the cotton she had used in old projects. I use it All The Tim and it makes me think of her whenever I do.