Thursday 31 January 2008

Shopping with Miss Tiny Small

Today I met Val and Miss Tiny Small
and we went for some retail therapy.

No photographs with this post, folks
Well, you don't embarass a celebrity when she is shopping.

Everyone needs a personal shopper to guide them
and encourage them to Think Pink.
I was taken under the tiny wing of Miss Tiny Small
and she wanted to help me transform myself.

1. A Bargain Wedding Dress
A snip at £8.99 - why spend more?

2. A sparkle kit for Fairy Wings
Could be pink, could be silver.

3. A Hello Kitty handbag
Every girl needs at least one.

4. Pink, Pink and more Pink Hair Accessories
If only I had blonde, curly hair like Miss Tiny Small.

5. Pink Marshmallows
Very low calorie.

6. Strawberry Pink Chocolate Egg
Less low calorie but a must for a self-respecting three year old.

7. A Pony
It is not pink but
it eats plastic carrots,
waves its tail, nods its head and twitches its ears.
And lives in the toy department.
Poppy might not like it but I'm tempted.


Thank you so much, Val and the lovely Miss Tiny Small (who nearly got smuggled away in my handbag). I had so much fun that I was very sad to wave you off on the bus. We must do it all over again soon.


dottycookie said...

A lovely, lovely day. The slightly taller Miss Small Small is unattractively envious of her tiny sister, but sends a rather chocolate-smudgy thank you for her presents. As do I!

And I would be smuggling that pony home, but I suspect it would double our electricity bills ...

blackbird said...

I know that pony.

Now you have me itching to see my blog friends.

Ali said...

Only slightly very jealous. Sounds like pink perfection.

Unknown said...

Oh, Alice, it sounds like so much fun! I'm at least as unattractively envious as Miss Small Small.

Mary said...


I am planning a very expensive round the world trip - Sydney, Melbourne, England, Tuvalu - to see you all.

In my dreams.

tess said...

a perfectly pink day!
and you look just like I imagined!

Gina said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. I've been lucky enough to meet them both so know that whatever you did it would have been perfect - but all that pink shopping - could it get any better!
Gina x