Friday 9 May 2008

An Anniversary Album

This is my local nursery.

It doesn't look much from the road
but inside the plants jostle for space

and the colours shimmer under the glass.

They are celebrating the 70th anniversary this year,

the kind, friendly people who welcome me every summer.

I am invited to a party with a five piece band
(and the mayor will be there too!)

It is a family business
and it was started as a way of escaping from factory work.

I took these photographs to make a gift album
because I have enjoyed every moment
I have spent in these tranquil greenhouses.

For the first time I realised
how much more confident my photography has become.

This time last year
I would not have asked for this photograph.


dragonfly said...

How lovely. My local nursery is very similar - only local people find it, tucked away down a little lane - they also had an anniversary last year (60 years, I think).
I'm sure they will love the album - your photos are always wonderful.

carolyn said...

They will be so pleased with the album and I'm sure that it will be shown to many of their future customers.

Anonymous said...

Super photographs and putting together an album is a great idea.

blackbird said...

I'm sure a gift album will be greatly appreciated.
And I think I have a little crush on that nursery man.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling more confident about your images, Alice. And I'm even happier that you share them with us! :)

RW said...

what a lovely idea -

Lynn said...

Heartwarming, Alice! Enjoy the party!

Ali said...

The album is a perfect idea - sure they will be very touched by your thoughtfulness.

Note to self - sort out hanging basket order from nursery.

dottycookie said...

I love the Flora tubs!

What a lovely idea to make an album - you're fab!

Anonymous said...

Five piece band! How fancy and certainly deserving of an album.

Mary said...

That's my girl. Your photos have always been wonderful.

And the album idea is downright lovely.

carrie said...

Oh Alice, what a magnificent gift your anniversary album will be. They are so lucky to know you!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I am so coveting plants in our scorched earth. I wish I were more confident about landscaping

Fairlie - said...

I'm sure your nursery owners will be thrilled to receive your anniversary album! What a great idea.

Unknown said...

Ditto Farm Mom. Very Cool.