Monday 5 May 2008

Bank Holiday Chores

MrM polishing the Player of the Season Trophy
in his capacity as
Important Person in the London Irish Supporters' Club.

Please note how confident he is
with his inner Cath Kidston


In the past five days
AOL has been blocking all email from Blogger and GMail.
It is not just a problem with my account
but it has created problems for me responding to comments.
I apologise.
I hope that the power struggle between AOL and Google
will be resolved quickly
but in the meantime I have transferred my blog email to


Today is a National Holiday
but MrM and I have to go St. Pancras
to monitor the performance of the Champagne Bar.

No slacking allowed here at Chez Magpie.


Eleanor said...

I wonder...what is a champagne bar...and how does it perform?

I bet eurolush knows!

blackbird said...

Damn. Must remember to polish my trophies.

Thanks for the heads up on the comments, I thought it was the beginning of a spam war.

Mary said...

There is now a better than even chance that I will be able to assist you in monitoring that particular performance at St Pancras at some point in 2009.

Ali said...

I like to see a man in his (metaphorical) marigolds! Make him earn that champagne.

tess said...

be thankful it is a champagne bar that needs monitoring, and not some wheat grass healthy bar!