Saturday 3 May 2008

Happy Birthday GMS

My father has been many things in his life:

vet, farmer, theatrical impresario, viniculturalist,
intrepid explorer, after-dinner speaker, antique collector

but he has been a sailor from the beginning.

He grew up in a small Devon town
of harbour, small coves and tidal rivers.
He has always sailed traditional, gaff rig boats.
These were used for oyster and crab fishing
and are ideally suited to the light, variable estuary winds .
In the past two years he has led a campaign
to raise the funds to build a new boat based on traditional designs.
It was very successful and the boat was launched last year
with a lot of media coverage.

It was his birthday yesterday
and I wish him a year of wind and sunshine
so that he can enjoy sailing the Elizabeth Ann


Eleanor said...

I shall raise my glass tonight and drink to you, to your father, and to "a year of wind and sunshine".

The boat is the most perfect shade of blue imaginable.

I so wish I wasn't prone to seasickness. Sigh.

dragonfly said...

He sounds like a wonderful man.
Happy Birthday to him!

Anonymous said...

smooth sailing Alice's dad!

blackbird said...

Oh I LOVE sailors.
(And frequently curse like one.)

Happy day to your dad!

Allison said...

I agree with Eleanor--that shade of blue is striking. Happy B-Day to your Dad!

Ali said...

And how beautiful she is! Wishing your Dad many Happy Returns (and days with good wind).

Did I ever tell you I used to arrange safety certification of boats for a living? How I miss the sea.

Anonymous said...

A year of wind and sunshine...

Such a beautiful wish for your father.

My sister's name is Elizabeth Ann.

dottycookie said...

That sounds like a wonderfully full and exciting life! Happy birthday to your father, and I wish him lots of fun with Elizabeth Ann.

Curlew Country said...

What a fabulous boat. Hope your father has the year you wish for him. He sounds like such a vibrant character. Happy Birthday.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday GMS. A year of wind and sunshine - a most beautiful phrase for a most beautiful wish.

Fairlie - said...

Happy birthday to your Dad. Hope the wind fills his sails.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for all your good wishes and of course especially to my daughter Mrs M for her kind words. If anybody wants to know more details of the Gorran Haven Crabber project building Elizabeth Ann. they might like to contact me through the Magpie Files.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bout!

Ginnie said...

Happy belated birthday, Alice's Dad! My dad's a sailor, too - he would love your boat.