Sunday 4 May 2008

Ch@in with MissM

MissM is wonderful with small children.
She says that it is because she has so many Little Girl Cousins
but this doesn't seem to have had the same effect on MasterM.

Every week MissM volunteers in a small infants school
and works with a class of 5 year old children.
She is endlessly entertained by the things that they say
and their perspectives on life.

Last week MissM had to help a little boy with his writing.
He was adamant that he was not going to do it.

Little Boy
I won't do it. I hate writing.
You need to do it. If you practise you will like writing
Little Boy
I can't do it. I hate writing.
When I was a little girl
I used to write backwards all the time.
Little Boy
Backwards writing!!
Do you still write backwards?
No...because I practised and practised...
and now I can write really well.

"and do you know what?"
said MissM
"the little boy sat down and finished all his writing!"


Anonymous said...

The power of positive suggestion. A very important lesson to learn where young children are concerned.

Is this a career that Miss M would like to pursue?

Mary said...

Clever Miss M. Exactly as Tracey has said. And exactly what Tracey asked..

blackbird said...

Aren't Mary and Tracey smart?
I'm not nearly as bright this early.

And I'm not good with groups of small children. Perhaps one on one. No. Not really that either.

Sömsmånen said...

Really enjoy your blog! Beautiful pictures and funny posts - I'll be back!

Ali said...

It's a precious thing, the ability to connect with people (large or small). I think I might know where Miss M gets it from.

Lovely to hear she's putting it to good use.

Anonymous said...

I could learn a lesson or two from Miss M.

Patience is not my virtue, I'm afraid.

Unknown said...


BreadBox said...

How lovely! Positive suggestion combined with reverse psychology:-)