Wednesday 7 May 2008

Sushi, Sushi

This post is for Breadbox who loves sushi

There is something slightly hypnotic
about a sushi restaurant.

You perch on your stool
and the coloured plates pass before you
on the endless conveyor.

Each plate has a different confection to tempt you;
beautifully balanced colours, shapes and textures.

You have no idea what you are eating
but it all tastes good
and there is a continuous supply of miso soup

And before you know where you are
the empties have stacked up.

How do Japanese people stay so thin eating sushi?


Ali said...

Do you really want an answer to that question? It is because sushi in Japan is so hideously expensive, that it is a little treat to be savoured.

The Yo in Paddington draws me like a magnet when I pass.

Anonymous said...

I love sushi. I could easily live on it exclusively. (but only if someone makes it for me)

Joanne said...

Sadly I have to say that Ali is a little wide of the mark. The truth is that they don't finish off with large quantities of chocolate :)

blackbird said...

I was going to answer for K, who worked for many years for a Japanese company, and say that Japanese people do not eat sushi for a meal. And they would never eat the quantity we do.
But then, I could never eat as many noodles as they do.

(Tell MrM we need him again this morning.)

carolyn said...

My eldest son would be in 7th heaven eating all that sushi.

BreadBox said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.
LOML and I may have to redeem a babysitting coupon (creative christmas present from friends) and head off for sushi this week....


Amy A. said...

I would love to have all those pretty dishes in my home.

I only eat California rolls, though, so I can't say I am a true lover of sushi.

Margaret said...

I love sushi! But like your readers have pointed out, oddly enough, it's much cheaper in North America and Europe than it is in the rest of the world (including Japan!). My husband is from Colombia and good sushi is pretty much the most expensive thing you can eat there! He was shocked at the low prices the first time we had sushi together in Canada.

dottycookie said...

Mmmmm, sushi. When we lived in the US there was an unlikely, tiny sushi restaurant in the next town along (I say town, there were about 10 shops and a few hundred houses). Every Wednesday as I came back from collge, my treat was to pick up an 'inside out California roll lunch box' (yes,I know they're not real sushi. I like the real stuff too). Fabulous stuff.

Curlew Country said...

Do you know I have never eaten sushi but I do love fish. I should give my well-hidden adventurous side a push sometime I think but the closest I get to raw fish is shopping at fishmonger's in the market! Not a single sushi bar for at least 50 miles, crikey it's like being back in the 70s here!

Fairlie - said...

I *love* sushi...and sashimi.

This is a great series of photos.