Tuesday 27 May 2008

A Parable

In 1987 a great wind struck. It was not expected but even if it had been there would have been no defence. Trees of great antiquity fell – whole swathes of woodland were lost.

The first sensation was overwhelming shock. The ragged gaps in the landscape and the torn stumps were silent witness to the violence.

But then the gaps were filled with seeds that had lain dormant in the shade under the trees and in the spring, bulbs grew where none had grown before. On sunny days there were new vistas to see and people delighted in the pools of light where there had only been dark.

There were new opportunities for planting. Trees that had been too large or misshapen were replaced by vigorous new saplings. It was a time of optimism.

And people made benches and bowls from the beautiful wood.

Now it is twenty years later and the saplings have grown into mature trees. They are part of the landscape of our hearts. If they were to be lost in another great wind we would mourn their loss but we must not forget the lesson of the last great wind.

Each loss is an opportunity for renewal if we face it with courage